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Hello! I'm Ashe, a competitive gamer and Youtuber. Sponsored by Razer and captain for team Valkyries. Dragon Age aficionado and game guide. I travel around the United States for the love of eSports and video games.

Valkyries Interview!

I'll post it a little bit later, but I am part of a competitive Black Ops 2 team called The Valkyries. We were recently interviewed by Duwe of

The concept of an all-female competitive Call of Duty team is a subject of much discussion, and rightfully so, considering how much of a minority females are in the competitive gaming world. There are some who believe that an all-female team can’t cut it on the MLG circuit. There are even those among us who are flabbergasted to find out that girls actually play video games. Well, they’re real, and they’re here, and they’re here to stay. And a team like The Valkyries is out to prove to themselves, the doubters and everyone out there that an all-female team has what it takes to hang with the big boys and make them forget their gender altogether.

Made up of competitive CoD veterans from different backgrounds but of one mindset and goal, The Valkyries deserve some attention, and not just because of their gender. You might not hear too much about them(yet) because none of the girls on the team post nude pictures on Twitter or start drama within the “community,” but I have reason to believe that will change soon enough.

Check it out [here on their site!]

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